Student Life

How to get to the University?

   Campus of the National Aviation University is connected with other areas of Kyiv due to developed system of public transport: Subway (stations "Shulyavska" "Polytechnichnyy Instytut" with a transfer to the trolley bus # 27 or speed tram # 1K, № 3), bus (route # 69) , trolley bus (route # 27), tram (route # 1K, № 3) or taxis (№ 69, № 401, № 411, № 427, № 433, № 438, № 454, № 463).

Living costs

   The living costs in the hostel range from 56 to 297 hryvnas per month, depending on the degree of comfort.

    Student Bistro, cafes, bars, internet and billiards clubs are available for students.  Lunch in the student's Bistro costs up to 15 hryvnas.




   Students live at the place of their registration - in dormitories with double, triple and quadruple rooms. The vast majority of hostels is section type, with a bathroom and kitchen in each section. All dormitories are located geographically concentrated in the University campus, which is adjacent to the park area.

Student Campus


Health and Insurance


   Medical care at the University is carried out in Medical Center of NAU, which is located in the campus. As well as state and municipal health care of Kyiv.



   Health insurance is mandatory for all foreign citizens upon arrival into Ukraine. Medical insurance is issued directly at the Foreign Students Faculty by JSC "Ukrinmedstrakh" insurance agent.


Conditions for learning


Scientific and Technical Library

   Scientific and technical library of the National Aviation University is one the biggest HEI libraries located in Kiev, and the biggest among civil aviation libraries of Ukraine.

      Library sources are used by about 17 thousands readers and subscribers of between-library subscription. The library is visited by more than 600 thousands users per year, and the amount of literature they obtain exceeds 1.5 million units. 

    The library is located in separate building, occupies the area 5.4 thousands square meters. There are 5 subscriptions and 9 reader’s halls introduced to user’s usage. The library has the electronic catalogue of literature, which has been incoming since 1994. Electronic base of analytic materials with periodicals and card-table search system. 

   The Scientific and technical library is the place of meetings of students with scientists, literature and art figures, veterans. Here take place different readers conferences, literature-thematic evenings, verbal magazines, bibliographic reviews.   Additional information about the library of NAU may be obtained directly in every structural subdivision.


Official site of Library

Information retrieval system

Bibliographic information

New editions to the library

Institutional Repository (electronic archive) of NAU

Online versions of NAU scientific journals 

   Partner bank, such as: Brockbusinessbank, Va-Bank, Bank Nadra are locatedin the campus of the University. Ttransactions are carried out directly in these branches or using ATMs.



   Students of the National Aviation University live multifaceted, creative lives: they earn professional knowledge and skills, learn to work and communicate,  enrich spiritually, promote personal cultural level. The University has a great tradition worked out, which is a complete system of work with students in extracurricular time.

Student Government

   The mission of the Student Government of NAU is to provide students with representation, services and advocacy within the university structure. The Student Government provides quality leadership for, and accountability to its constituency by recognizing that strength arises from diversity, engagement, and dialogue.

    Union of Student Organizations (USO) - is a voluntary association of student organizations of the National Aviation University.

USO is the student government at the National Aviation University.


   The main purpose is to manage and coordinate students’ organizations of the university and to increase the activity of the student movement, initiative and responsibility.

USO Primary concerns:

  • coordination of all student organizations of the National Aviation University;
  • advance the interaction and mutual help of these organizations;
  • improve communication and mutual relations between the administration and student organizations of the National Aviation University;
  • elevation of corporate culture at the University;
  • preparation and implementation of measures, aimed at resolving socio-economic, cultural, legal and other problems of students at the National Aviation University;
  • informing and advising student organizations on issues that are within the competence USO;
  • creation of various student groups, scientific societies, art groups, centers, interest clubs; 
  • promotion of student government at the National Aviation University and improving its authority among other universities in Ukraine and abroad.

   USO in its activity supports student organizations of the National Aviation University in the implementation of the following activities:

  • informs about the decisions of the university administration, Academic and Administrative Councils etc;
  • organizes the work of the executive body of the student government of the university;
  • coordinates work planning and long-term development of each organization;
  • provides explanatory work and protects student rights;
  • supports external affairs with public and student organizations, institutions, cultural and educational centers;
  • organizes and conducts conferences,  symposia, seminars etc.

Center of Culture and Arts of NAU 

   The focus of the student's cultural life is the Center of Culture and Arts of NAU.

   Since 1980 traditional events of the university such as «Ceremony of consecration of freshmen to students-aviators", student festival "Student Spring" gained great popularity in the university. No event passes without extraordinary humor of student KVN team. University KVN team participates in competitions since 1962.


Sports and Health


    The main task of the Center is to promote healthy lifestyle, to develop athletic skills of students and teaching staff of the University, to popularize active leisure.

   On the basis of the Center there are various sports activities, sports clubs are operating systematically, the yacht club and the training ground is a favorite week-end destination not only for students and university officials, but also for residents of Kyiv region.

   Not every university boasts a yacht club.

   Over 10 years ago, athletes-sailboats of the University started sailing regatta "Southern Watch", which last year was included in official calendar of events in sailing among cruising yachts of the Sailing Federation of Ukraine. 


Sport and Health at NAU

Postal address

National Aviation University
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Kyiv 03058 Ukraine

Dean's Office

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Tel.: +38 (044) 406-70-36

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