Scientific Events

International Scientific Conference ‘Aviation and Extreme Psychology in the context of technological advances’
Aviation Psychology Department NAU (Building 8, Office 1207)  

International Scientific Conference ‘Linguistic and methodological
aspects of professionally-oriented foreign language teaching’
Professional Foreign Languages Department NAU (Building 8, Office 1307)

International Scientific Conferencev‘Topical issues of higher vocational education’
Pedagogy and Psychology of Professional Education Department NAU (Building 8, Office 706)

International Scientific Conference ‘General and specialist translation / interpretation: theory, methods, practice’
English Philology and Translation Department NAU (Building 8, Office 1403)

Scientific Seminar ‘Digital Transformation and Institutions of Social Memory’
History and Documentation Department NAU (Building 8, Office 608)

Scientific Seminar ‘Polycultural kaleidoscope: foreign language week’
Foreign Philology Department NAU (Building 8, Office 1512)

Panel ‘Social and Political Sciences at an aviation university: current situation and prospects’
Sociology and Political Science Department NAU (Building 8, Office 707)

International Conference of Young Scientists and Students 
‘POLIT. Challenges of Science Today’. The Humanities
Faculty of Linguistics and Social Communications NAU (Building 8, Office 807) 

Panel ‘Terminology problems: current aspect’
Ukrainian Language and Culture Department NAU (Building 8, Office 901)

Panel ‘Transformation of Language communication in Network society’
Philosophy Department NAU (Building 8, Office 1005)

All-Ukrainian Scientific Conference ‘Topical issues of the present-day society in sociological perspective’
Sociology and Political Science Department NAU (Building 8, Office 707)

All-Ukrainian Scientific Seminar ‘Social work as implementation of public social policy’
Social Technologies Department NAU (Building 8, Office 1204)

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