Faculty achievements in 2019!

Сильна командаIn 2019, the Faculty of Linguistics and Social Communications have been recognized through numerous large-scale congresses, symposia, international and All-Ukrainian scientific conferences, sports events, presentations, invited talks, contests and grant programs.

Among the most important projects was the Second International Symposium on the Humanitarian Discourse of the Multicultural World: Science, Education and Communication, which brought together scientific and popular events.

Only past year, about 200 publications were published, 130 of them in professional journals; 25 – in Web of Science and Scopus editions. Two monographs have been published in English in EU countries.

Our students won The Diploma of the 2nd degree of the National Competition of student research papers in Natural Sciences, Sciences and the Humanities, 3 Diplomas of the National Student Competition (Olympiad), two grants of the National Student Grant Program ‘ZAVTRA.UA’.

The list is not entire but proves that our elevations, our honor, out promotion, come from persistent daily work of the Faculty academics and student. Thus, may this year bring new happiness, new goals, new achievements and a lot of new inspirations on our education and scientific life.


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